Our Featured Items

Our Classic Toffee Apple


The Toffee Apple is a customer favorite. The unique flavors of caramel, white chocolate, and toffee create an amazing symphony of tastes

Dark and Delicious


A delicious twist for dark chocolate lovers. Our beloved Toffee Apple with a Dark Chocolate coating.

Assorted Chocolate Truffles

Salted caramel, luscious chocolates...always a good way to your Valentine's Heart.

Salted caramels, luscious chocolates - the perfect way to your loved one's heart.

Chocolate covered strawberries


Sweet, juicy strawberries, drenched in chocolate and sprinkled with crystal sugar. A delicious treat. Delivered in the Baltimore Area only.

Mini Cupcakes


Red Velvet cupcakes with delicious buttercream icing. These mini cupcakes will be a perfect dessert when you need just a "little something". Baltimore delivery area only.

The Favor Duet


Our classic, award winning toffee apple in a smaller size. A favorite for 23 years. Wrapped especially for you.